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Hi, I'm Andrea, an award-winning Executive Producer and Change Agent that's produced impact-driven and branded content for a global audience for over 18 years.

My work is social and viral, including stand-alone short films as well as episodic documentary series. I've focussed on topics related to the increasing climate crisis: from keystone species awareness, to the illegal pet trade, to the stories of activists and environmental leaders. As well as a feature documentary on the Pope, just in case.

I've met and worked with a lot of talented people and have a knack for assembling teams with strong chemistry and passion of the work. I work closely with client partners to help you tell your story: balancing creative, strategy, and impact, with your budget and production. Wherever feasible I look for low-carbon solutions to help tread more lightly on our friend the Earth.

Powered by sunshine, plants, and nature.

Some of my highlights:


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